Just chillin on the couch playing on Mums phone. No biggie. #teenageralready

Guys… I can tie my hair up! It looks pathetic and silly and I wish I’d never chopped all my hair off BUT IT’S SLOWLY GROWING BACK!!

Get to spend the day with this rugrat again. ❤️

Gonna make a new tumblr and white this one out.

Message me if you want the new URL I guess.

7potato replied to your post:juststayinuglyville replied to your post:Hey Pam!…
Delete and start over

Message me and tell me how to white out my blog. I don’t want to lose everything I’ve posted but I’ll make another tumblr and use that instead lol.



Shit, its the thumb thing

i love the thumb thing

I want the thumb thing

I do the thumb thing.

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juststayinuglyville replied to your post:Hey Pam!
if she doesn’t you could change your url

I’ve done that before but she follows my blog and because tumblr don’t have a good blocking system I can’t stop her from seeing what I post. :(

Hey Pam!

If you continue to read my blog, or if any of your family continue to read my blog, I will be ringing you personally and giving you an earful. Sam has repeatedly told you that he does not want to know what I put on here, what I do with my life does not concern him and what he does with his life does not concern me.
I get that your life must be so boring that you have to lurk my tumblr and try and cause shit between me and Sam just to make it interesting but when you go and tell him that I have been saying there’s ‘so many guys and so little time’ and you use that sentence out of the context it was put in you are potentially stopping me from seeing my own son.
Not that it is any of your business but me and Sam have an agreement and if I break that he can stop Caleb from seeing me if he feels as if Caleb isn’t safe.
No one likes you meddling in their business - ESPECIALLY when it doesn’t concern you at all. No one likes you sticking your nose in where it doesn’t belong. They may put up with it but after three years of having to watch people cry and feel like shit because you have manipulated others and twisted what people say I am not going to sit back and watch you fuck up MY life - because essentially that is what my tumblr is, it is MY life, you do not have to go and tell everyone what is happening, if they wanted to know they would ask me. I AM NO LONGER A PART OF SAM’S FAMILY THEREFOR WHAT I DO DOES NOT CONCERN THEM IN ANYWAY.
So stop your fucking interfering and your harassment. I will not stand for any of your shit anymore.
Next time I hear that you have been causing shit with what I write I will personally ring you and tell you how I feel about you and your meddling.

Fuck off and goodnight,

Pretty happy Van now has another dog to keep him company 27/4. Hunter is so damn cute!

Finally bought some new tweezers. Now I gotta tame the things I call eyebrows. Here’s hoping I have the patience, they’re pretty bad.

captain-crash asked: That is because you're an absolute please to be around =) A couple days? The way I seeing (Especially if you're texting someone.) You can sit && ponder && over think it all you like but in the end it's the exact same text that they'll read.

Damn straight I am lol. Yeah ended up asking them if they wanted to come round but try dot finish work until 6 so I have like another hour until hear back from them haha. God I’m lame. Haha.

I think I might be going out for tacos and bourbons on Thursday. Maybe. At the very least I think I’m going out for bourbons.
I like to think I have a social life but I don’t really.

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Just be like, hey free popcorn&movie at my hizzouzz… Oh wait tht might be why I don’t have friends

I’m pretty sure if I ask them I will be using the word hizzouzz just because it would make me laugh even if they said no… Because I would’ve gotten to say hizzouzz :)

captain-crash replied to your post:How do you ask someone to come hang out when you…
Just ask someone if they’d like to hang out && watch a movie?

I would if I didn’t feel like I annoyed them lol. Crash why is it so hard for me to do this shit now?!? I used to be ace at this friendship stuff. YOU GUYS NEVER GOT RID OF ME WHEN I LIVED IN CHRISTCHURCH. It seriously took me a couple of days to ask someone to hang out with me last week lmao.